Is Windows Defender better than Avast

You can pick from a lot of antivirus software programs from the internet or offline stores. Since the security of your computer is essential, you cannot rely on a basic security machine. That why, we chose this topic comparing two most famous antivirus software programs referred to as Avast and Windows Defender. Read till the end to get an idea about what to be done and what not to be.


A basic introduction to the Windows Defender

Windows Defender Antivirus or popularly known by the name Windows Defender is a form of anti-malware application that is part of the Windows Operating system. Windows Defender comes pre-installed with Windows and no need for anything to be done separately. The software scans each new file as quickly as it arrives at your PC. Therefore, you don’t need to launch Windows Defender to scan those new files as it gets done automatically.


Brief Introduction to avast

Avast comes on top of the list of most famous system security antivirus programs. These days, the program has more than 438 million users in extra than 180 countries. You can install avast without spending a dime on your computer or Windows PC for safety from cyber threats, viruses, and malware. It also has a paid version.


Security-related capabilities

If we talk about protection capabilities, Windows Defender has all of the basic capabilities you need. It can guard your device in real-time and has a built-in firewall.

Avast, on the other hand, comes with advanced safety features comprising boot-time experiments, full test, and clever experiment. In addition, the WiFi-Inspector feature allows you to pick out suspicious WiFi networks that may harm your pc.

Gaming mode, Rescue Disk, and Password Management are some other outstanding functions that the app offers.


Resource Consumption

With each antivirus, you could revel in real-time security at the same time as spending minimal assets. Although Avast uses slightly greater resources, it affords plenty greater protection than WD.


UI or User interface

Windows Defender’s user interface is very clean to understand and navigate. On the alternative hand, Avast’s UI is decent but a bit complicated. In addition, Avast suggests commercials that encourage you to move for the paid version. So, it can be annoying. In other words, Windows Defender has a slightly better UI than Avast.



Features: Avast is the best if we talk about the features. Windows Defender provides only basic functions that you can find in almost any popular antivirus. Avast, on the other hand,  gives advanced features that cannot be found in Windows Defender.

Resource intake: Avast is a better deal if we look at the overall features. According to numerous tests, we can say that Avast is a lightweight software program application.

Protection: Without a doubt, Avast presents much higher safety levels in opposition to various types of viruses and cyber threats.

UI: Windows Defender gives a better UI than Avast. The good element is that it is easy to navigate among different capabilities and settings. On the other hand, Avast has a slightly complicated UI.



Based on the comparisons we’ve got made in this article, we can say that Avast is much better than Windows Defender. Hopefully, this manual will assist you’re making the right decision. Just ensure that your computer has the necessary configuration to run Avast or else you can pick any other antivirus software program. Since the security of your computer is of utmost priority, you cannot rely on basic security platforms. 


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  1. Thanks Aditya for exploring the useful comparison between Avast and Windows Defender. This informative post is helpful for those who in search of the right antivirus for their devices.

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