5 Top Industries To Be Transformed By Artificial Intelligence, Soon

Artificial Intelligence is a range of computer science related to developing smart machines that are capable of replicating human intelligence. The evolution of Artificial Intelligence has drastically revolutionized the world around us. Less than a decade ago, Artificial Intelligence seems to be a fascinating concept of science, but now it has become a reality. It is omnipresent and creates an impact in every field of our lives. Thus, if you are interested to know how Artificial Intelligence might affect us in the future then keep reading this post.

Automated Transportation: We’ve already seen the beginning of automated or self-driven cars. However, it still requires human interference at the wheel for safety. You must have come across the news that Google began testing a self-driven car in 2012 and there are other companies who’ve been working tirelessly to make automated transportation a reality soon. Although, the acceptance of automated transportation is still at the beginning stage and companies need to build trust among the people. But going by the swift development it seems that we are inching toward the full automation soon.

Taking over dangerous jobs: Artificial Intelligence built Robots are already taking over some of the most dangerous jobs around the world including Bomb Defusing. However, according to BBC news, they are not fully Robots but they are drones which are programmed and being used to defuse the bombs. Although they require human intervention at some stage they are able to save thousands of life which are important. Aside Bomb defusing one field where robots can play a major role is welding well known for producing toxic materials, earsplitting noise and heat. Even in present Robots are being used in welding to prevent humans from deadly body injuries and heat.

Healthcare: The demand for Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly in the healthcare sector. However, it is only the beginning of AI in the Healthcare sector. The Natural Processing Language shows the promise in the drug safety and Computer vision X rays help in discovering severe diseases in human beings. Along with this, the emergence of Machine Language shows possibilities to find patterns in the population. And the way the acceptance of AI is growing every day, the future of Artificial Intelligence looks bright in this sector.

Construction: For a long period of time, the construction sector has been neglected by the technology and software sector. However, now it seems that this sector is also ready to embrace the technology. Many new startups are using Machine Learning and AI to develop at rapid speed. Opening the door for Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence will fasten the whole construction process and more cost effective by reducing the chance of human mistakes.

Retail Industry: It has been considered as one of the most affected industry by the AI. According to a report, by 2020 the spending of artificial intelligence in Retail Industry will reach around 7.3 billion. The retail industry mainly uses Augmented reality and virtual functionality in advertising. The product catalog visualization will grow dramatically in the near future and buyers will be able to experience the product before purchasing it. Also, it is being predicted by 2020 chatbot will take care of 85% of entire customer support.

So these are few primary industries that will be drastically transformed by the Artificial Intelligence near in the future.

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