Amazon Echo Spot is echo device with touchscreen
If you were waiting for a smart speaker which can display too, your wait is over now. After launching a series of Smart Speakers namely Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus, Amazon has come up with a Smart speaker, which can display also. Yes, you heard it right. Amazon has launched its Echo-spot worldwide. Echo-spot can do anything and everything that the previous Echo devices could do with an additional display feature.
The device has a built-in touchscreen which can be used to play videos, show text information, display time, watch news bulletin, attend video calls and a lot more can be done. The screen makes the device look more appealing than its predecessors. Amazon has started selling this device on its E-commerce platform in India for ₹12,999.
There are three buttons on the top of this device – the Volume-up, the Volume-down and the Mic/Camera ON-OFF button. The build quality of these buttons is decent and on pushing these, indication shows over the screen. The device has one 3.5mm Audio-jack and one power port at the bottom. Also, there is one camera for video-calling fitted on the front top side. The touchscreen, which is circular in shape is 2.5-inches in diameter and surrounded by nearly 0.5-inch thick bezel. The screen is also of good quality and shows sharp images. The brightness of the screen can be adjusted according to the requirements by the Settings Menu.
Coming to the performance of this device, the device stands proudly to its expectations and does not disappoint its users. Although, the price could have been kept slightly lower to make this device more popular and affordable. Most of the basic applications of the Echo-spot are similar to the previous Echo devices. You can read my detailed review of those devices in my article on Echo, Echo-Dot and Echo-Plus.
These smart devices point towards the future life of humans, surrounded by computers all around. From your AC to the refrigerator to washing machine, everything will be connected to internet and you will be able to control those devices by voice commands remotely. 

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‘Devices can become smart, but not smarter than humans.’
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