Imagine yourself driving a car at high speed and suddenly a dog comes in front of your car. What would you do in such a situation? You would push your brake paddle instantaneously and the car would start skidding. And probably you would end-up colliding with something. Here comes the role of ABS and ABS full form is Anti-lock Braking System. Most of the cars and many bikes have started coming equipped with this ABS system nowadays. Read the complete article to know more about what is ABS in bike or a car.

ABS Meaning in Hindi and Explanation

Anti-Lock Braking System is a safety feature that prevents your disc/drum brakes from locking whenever the brakes are applied during any sort of emergency situation. Such a sudden decrease in the speed of wheels is detected with the help of sensors. This is not a difficult task to do.  When the brakes are applied, the signal from the sensor goes to an ‘Electronic Control Unit’ which then, sends a signal to the ‘Hydraulic Control Unit’. This ‘Hydraulic Control Unit’ releases and applies brakes hundreds of times in a second. This prevents the brakes from locking and stops the car without skidding.

ABS does not make the car stop faster. It only prevents it from skidding. ABS can be very effective even on wet surfaces during the rainy season. On such low-friction surfaces, ABS can be used for traction control purposes. Let’s now talk about another very important safety feature i.e. EBD.


EBD full form is Electronic Brake-force Distribution System, which is always installed coupled with an ABS system. It works as a sub-system of ABS. The main function of EBD is to optimize brake-force on each wheel individually, thereby allowing the driver to have better control over the vehicle. As the load on every wheel is different, the brake-force needed by each wheel is also different. This load varies due to passengers sitting inside the vehicle, cargo inside, and sometimes because of the vehicle turning at corners. This uneven weight distribution becomes more evident at high speeds. So, EBD comes into action here and makes your vehicle safer even at such high speeds.

What is EBD in Hindi

Now, whenever you go to buy a car or a motor-bike, do not hesitate to spend some more money on ABS and EBD.

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