The public sector telecom company, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited or BSNL is planning to roll out its 5G services as soon as it’s globally launched. After failing to capture the consumer base in the 3G and delayed 4G, BSNL finally comes with some good news.
BSNL is working with multinational firms like Nokia, Coriant and ZTE on the roadmap and infrastructure planning for the 5G services to launch in 2020. The plan is to unveil 5G, the same day as its global launch as told by BSNL authorities. They do not want the 5G to get delayed as done at the time of 3G and 4G.

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The newly formed telecom group, The Mobile Association(TMA) emphasized the importance of the availability of 5G compatible smartphones before it gets launched.  
BSNL had earlier signed a MoU with Japan’s NTT Advanced Technology Corporation along with its India partner Virgo Corporation, to join hands for creating 5G testbed.    
In March 2017, Nokia had set up an arrangement with BSNL to share their worldwide experience in the field of 5G telecommunications. The prime focus of this collaboration was on Software Defined Network(SDN) and Multi-access Edge Computing. 
Another collaboration of BSNL in September 2017 was with packet optical and mobile routing solutions company, Coriant. The focus was to study and develop various 5G based industrial internet applications.
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