Gmail turns Brand New, check what new features it’s got

Gmail is something most internet users are familiar with. It has remained the same for quite some time now. But finally, things are changing. Google recently revamped its Gmail interface and gave users a chance to feel rejuvenated. A bunch of entirely new features bundled with the old ones, the new Gmail looks really exciting. Out of the 11 new features, some you can get today while some others will be rolled out in the coming weeks. You just need to click on ‘Try the new Gmail’ in the Settings Menu and the new version of Gmail will be applied.

Features available from 25 April 2018

 Hover Actions

Every time you hover your mouse cursor over an email, a row containing some actions will appear for that particular email. These actions are namely Archive, Delete, Mark as Read and Snooze.

Archive: If you want to clean your inbox without deleting the emails, you can archive or mute them. The email will get removed from your inbox and return whenever someone replies to that particular email. This feature was also available in the previous Gmail version.
Delete: Delete moves your email to the Trash, not a new feature.
Mark as Read: It is the same old feature to get the email marked as read after reading.
Snooze: This feature is a new one. If you do not have time to read an email now, you can leave it for later using this Snooze feature. You can snooze the email for any later time from the given options or you can add a custom time. The email will disappear when you snooze it and reappears after your prescribed time limit as brand new email. Meanwhile, you can find all your snoozed emails in the ‘Snoozed’ tab placed on the left side panel.

  New Side Panel

At the top right corner, you will find a panel which has icons for Google Calendar, Keep and the new Tasks feature. It’s really handy to open a small popup window and do your stuff without opening a new tab altogether. You can use drag and drop to add emails to tasks.

  Other new features

Plus Mentions: With this feature, you can add a person to the CC field without leaving the body of the message. While you type, you can put a ‘+’ sign and add a person’s name or email id from the given list of your contacts.
Hovercards and Display Density: There is customizable hovercard for contacts and new display density options to include information in the inbox according to requirement.

New Features available in coming weeks

  Offline Mode

Gmail will now be available offline without any Chrome extension or additional tool. You will have to click on the Offline tab in the Settings Menu to activate, whenever it is made available. You will need an internet connection to activate it for the first time, then no need for the internet. Options like search, compose, reply, delete and archive will be available offline. You can sync your emails whenever you connect to the internet.

  Confidential Mode

With this new Confidential mode, you can set an expiration date or revoke a sent email. After that, the recipient will not be able to forward, download or copy the contents of the email. You can also include a password sent by SMS that will be needed by the recipient to open that particular email.


When you think of replying to an email and forget to do so, you will get reminded by Gmail after a certain duration of time. This will help you to manage your emails better.

  Assistive Unsubscribe

This new feature will learn from your daily activity and suggest you unsubscribe from some subscriptions. This will help you stay away from unwanted spam subscriptions which you hadn’t subscribed.

  High Priority Notifications

This feature will help you customize which notifications to show over your mobile devices, cutting down on the number of interruptions during your work schedule.


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