So you have managed to make your photos disappear from the memory card? Finding out that you have lost a batch of your favourite or rather important images can leave you devastated. Although unintended, data loss of any sort, can take a toll on you. However, this should, in no way, put you through distress. After all, you live in a technologically-advanced era and thus there are several ways to restore deleted images. The brilliant Photo Recovery Software by Stellar Data Recovery is one of the highly sought after of the tools to help you recover your deleted pictures that you may have lost due to accidental deletion or formatting, software malware, corruption or SD card bad sectors.

Well, photos/images are surely a significant part of one’s life. From capturing the fun-filled moments to taking a shot of an official document, images could constitute anything. When saved on your storage device of PC or Android, it’s really easy to either reminisce those lovely moments or make things smooth and handy at work at any given time.
What if your memory card crashes or gets corrupt or you format it accidentally? Yes, you will lose the images dear to you in an instant! Unfortunately, you are subjected to challenges and disasters, and surely, certain things are not in your magical hands. But hey, recovering you photos surely is! You can bring back the good times within minutes, if you download the right photo recovery software on your computer right up after the incident and may be immediately after you have realised that you lost all your precious data.
Get ready to soothe your eyes with those beautiful moments again and keep them intact perhaps forever. Lay your hands on the premium solutions like Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software.


What factors lead to the deletion of your favourite photos from the memory card?

As it is, technology is just like a human brain – prone to corruption but metaphorically. Memory cards or SD cards are subjected to certain terms and conditions. Given below, are the five most common factors leading to data loss from memory cards:
  •         Studies demonstrate that hardware or system malfunctions top the list when it comes to counting the causes of data loss from memory cards. Head crash and electrical failure are considered the most common reasons to it.
  •       Human error is yet another great factor contributing to data loss. For example, unintentionally erasing or formatting the photos or audios, and causing physical damage to the storage device.

(Note: In case of physical damage, you can’t recover the files through the software. Rather, you will have to consult a data recovery specialist to get the device fixed).
  •       Software corruption due to poor maintenance of the device like improper shutdowns.
  •       Viruses and malware attacking the system thereby, damaging and corrupting the memory card.
  •         The infallible disasters such as dropping smartphone in water, fires, and even earthquakes. Approximately, 3 percent of the total users of memory cards experience data loss due to these reasons.


Advantages of Stellar Photo Recovery Software to restore deleted photos from the memory card:

  •      It can help you recover audio and video files from pretty much every inaccessible storage media including memory card, hard disk, digital camera, and SD card.
  •     It comes with an enhanced user-friendly interface with customizable options such as Zoom In and Zoom Out, and Spacebars for the best photo recovery experience.
  •       It can recover you different file formats such as AVI, ASF, F4V, MOV, MP4, and VMW.
  •        It lets you recover the files and save them at the desired location.
  •     With this very software, you can actually regenerate the tree structure of the found files just to resume the recovery process later on.
  •        It allows you to stop the scan at any time and save the retrieved information up to that point.
  •        It is very helpful for those who remember the exact locations of the specific file types/photos/videos before they got formatted or deleted. It enables you to scan media for the desired region or volume.
  •        It enables you to create sector-by-sector image of the entire range of media files so that the ones stored on the remaining good sectors of the memory card are saved.
  •       The best thing about this software is that it allows editing the existing files or adding new files either manually or automatically.
  •        Last but certainly not the least, Stellar Photo Recovery Software supports RAW recovery of files for a deeper scan in order to retrieve deleted pictures accurately.

That being said, there are times when your memory card is physically damaged. At times like these, you should turn to the stellar data recovery specialists to restore deleted photos or other media files. A skilled technician has the right tools and equipment to recover your digital media from the damaged memory card even when there’s the slightest chance of data recovery.


Chances of restoring your lost data are quite high, provided you are using the right technology there is. Stellar Data Recovery is trusted by many and has been able to resolve the data loss issues for most of the digital device(s) users who have happened to format or accidentally lost the media files from the memory cards or storage devices whether internal or external. 

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