Most people think that Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the same, which is not the case. These terms often sound confusing but are not difficult to grasp. These do not belong to opposite poles but have a tiny difference. Let us discuss the difference between these two and their applicability in daily life. I will take Virtual Reality first, then move on to Augmented Reality and applications of both in the end.
Virtual Reality is anything which is unreal but looks real. A simulated environment is created artificially with the help of Computers. This can be in the form of an animated video or some real place captured. Virtual Reality headsets are mostly used to watch such content in which a device is fitted in front of your eyes. This device takes you to some other world. You can turn your head and get a 360° view of the video which is shown to you. Many VR headsets are available in the market which use your smartphone to show you VR content. You just need a Gyroscope sensor and some other basic sensors on your phone and then you need to put it in the headset and all done. I will post some links down below of some VR headsets available in the market. VR is done through a coding language called Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML).
Augmented Reality is something which is not real but looks like real, augmented in the real world scenario. This is possible with the help of some apps which you open on your smartphone/tablet. These apps use your camera to show you the outside real world around you. And within this real-world imagery, these apps show some imaginary character/object like an imaginary table in your empty room. How can you forget the game Pokemon Go? This game is a perfect example of AR. You find multiple unreal creatures hidden in the real environment around you.   
Virtual Reality can have its application in the field of gaming and entertainment, such as playing video/computer games, watching 3D movies etc. This can also be used in training for real life environment for designing or creating something before implementing it physically such as interior designing of rooms.
Augmented Reality can have its application in the field of education such as popping out information, 3D images, videos related to some text in books. Both VR and AR can be used in the field of medicine for performing remote surgery.  These are very few applications, VR and AR can have many more.
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‘Virtual and Augmented realities are nothing but dreaming in the daytime with open eyes.’