At present, mobile app development has never been in a better position. With a vast number of apps coming out, you need to stand out to be able to pull the users. Merely making the users download the app is not enough anymore, the users need to use it as well. But the question is, how?

Users want a personalized experience. But how can it be possible to customize the experience of every user using the same app? The answer is machine learning. A good app can become legendary if the technology of machine learning can be implemented appropriately to create the perfect app as per the users.

Machine learning deals with enabling the computers to think and identify patterns, just as the human brain does. Hard-coded programming rules can only go up to a certain point. It is the machine learning that can make an app grow by learning from experiences and examples.

Given below are some of the best apps available in the market, which are hugely popular, many thanks to machine learning.

1. Netflix

Netflix has become the synonym of entertainment at present for the young generation. But why is it so popular? Because machine learning has taught it to know what are the preferences of its users.

The underlying algorithms of machine learning incorporated in Netflix are logistic regression and linear regression. The shows are being divided into actors, genre, reviews, date of release, and length. The inclusion of the Netflix promo codes has also provided the users with different packages as per their choices. Based on the usage and reactions of the users measured by reviews, Netflix adapts itself and offers the next recommendations which are most likely to be liked by the users. Thus, the personalized recommendations have been perfected by Netflix with machine learning.

2. Tinder

Tinder is another of the hugely popular apps that are mainly used for dating purposes. In many cases, the users have been able to find their perfect partner. Is this magic? No, machine learning is the secret of it!

Random order is generated where the profile pictures of the various users and how much they are preferred as partners are analyzed. The swiping left and right feature of Tinder helps to do this. With more popular profiles, the visibility increases. Hence, such profiles are shown beforehand. Additionally, the personal types of choices that each user provides are used to find compatible partners. Thus, you are likely to see popular persons with choices much similar to yours beforehand. All of these is attained by machine learning and improves the experience and efficiency of the app.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another of the most popular video streaming apps that are used by a considerable number of people globally. You probably know the secret by now-yep, it is machine learning.

Well regarded movies are ranked as per the choice of the viewers. The shows that are being broadcasted also follow this same pattern. As a result, the choices and preferences of each user are recorded by the app. The learning of the choices of the users is mainly done via reviews and ratings. The subscription packages follow the same pattern. To provide the users with better-chosen plans, various Amazon Prime video promo codes are presented to the users. They can then choose the plans as per their choices. With these data, the viewers are recommended shows as per their preferred choices and subscription packs as per their habits. All of these provide the users with a customized experience, which is why the app is this much popular. Once again, this has been possible due to the implementation of machine learning.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat uses machine learning abilities to a whole different level. With their machine learning algorithms that use the concept of augmented reality, the Snapchat filters have been an enormous success. To detect a face, this app scans contrasts and colors in a very detailed manner.

Only by using the cameras, the filters can create a 3D impression of anyone’s face. This is very handy while applying the filters, and the filters of Snapchat are the main reason behind its success. Additionally, using animations to alter the facial shape to some extent, is also impressive. This is one of the most excellent examples of machine learning abilities.

These are few of the best mobile applications that use machine learning and owe a lot of their success to it. Not only are these apps progressing, but they are also inspiring the other apps to do the same.


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