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Two stray dogs have caused damage of over $350,000 (about Rs 2.9 crores at current exchange rates) at a car dealership in Houston, Texas, United States. The dogs were caught on camera attacking and ripping cars apart in the G Motors lot and one dog, now named Dasher, can be seen completely detaching the front bumper of a car. In contrast, an unnamed black dog can be seen doing additional damage to vehicles in the dealership parking lot.
Both dogs have since been taken into the BARC shelter in Houston and as mentioned previously it’s estimated that the two dogs created nearly Rs 2.9 crore worth of damage between November and December. The dealership management also said that the dogs were scaring off potential customers and other employees.

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The dog named Dasher, a neutered brown and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is estimated to be about four years old. Dasher was cleared by the shelter’s medical staff and didn’t show any signs of aggression. The other dog, a German Shepherd mix, is currently unnamed and estimated to be about 4 years old and, is up for adoption.
There are many cases in India too where stray dogs have caused damage such as scratching the paint, ripping the bumper off, standing on the roof which results in scratches, biting the fenders and much more. So how do you keep your car safe from strays? Here are a few tips.

Cleaning and removing attractive scents from your car helps keep stray dogs away from your car. Street dogs are drawn to certain residual odours. Keep the car clean to eliminate any food scents or enticing smells that might interest them. Installing motion-activated lights and alarms will help scare away dogs from your car. Dogs can be discouraged by sudden lights and loud alarms, it will also disrupt their comfort zone.
Another way is to use Repellents and Deterrents. Spraying specially formulated sprays on tyres and below your car will help keep strays away. They emit odours that are unpleasant to dogs, effectively discouraging them from coming near your vehicle. The sprays are nontoxic and scents of citrus and vinegar are also a natural way to keep dogs away from your car.
You can also create a small barrier around your parked car. Strategically putting up a temporary fence using traffic cones, ropes or garden stakes will reduce their access. Another effective way to keep strays away from your car is by using thick car covers. Properly fitting a thick car cover will prevent damage from street dogs. Snug fit reduces the likelihood of dogs being able to grip, tear and play with the car cover fabric and it’s also impossible for them to tug on a tight-fitting car cover.

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