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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman revealed the app he uses most isn’t his organization’s own cutting-edge language model, ChatGPT, but rather the tried-and-true collaboration platform, Slack. According to a report by Business Insider, in a conversation with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Altman made this disclosure and said “I wish I could say it was ChatGPT”. Slack, with its focus on streamlined communication and team collaboration, is quite a popular app among many organisations.
During their wide-ranging discussion on AI and technology, Gates inquired about Altman’s daily digital habits. “Email or old-school?” the Microsoft founder probed. “I’m this old-style email guy,” Altman admitted.”Either that or the browser, because, of course, a lot of my news is coming through the browser.” “I didn’t quite count the browser as an app,” Altman clarified. “It’s possible I use it more, but I still would bet Slack. I’m on Slack all day.”
He also said that the second-most used app on his phone was Apple’s iMessage.
Altman also spoke about the episode of his firing and then rehiring as OpenAI CEO. “A lot of people have remarked on the fact that the team has never felt more productive or more optimistic or better,” he told Gates in the conversation. “And so I guess that’s like the silver lining of all of this. In some sense, this was like a real moment of growing up for us. We are very motivated to become better and to become a company ready for the challenges in front of us.”
On the impact of AI, Altman noted “Each technological revolution has gotten faster, and this will be the fastest by far, and that’s the part that I find potentially a little scary is just the speed with which society is going to have to adapt and that the labor market will change,” he said.

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