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India and the Maldives, traditionally close partners, have recently experienced a strain in their relationship due derogatory remarks about Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media by some politicians of the island nation, leading to cancellation of flights and hotel bookings via several online travel agencies. EaseMyTrip, specifically, has been pretty vocal on the issue.It recently offered special discount codes for travel and has now been sending messages on WhatsApp.
The travel agency said that it puts “nation first, business later”. It added that people’s support on social media in this regard is a reflection of shared love for the nation. The company also urged people to “stay united in this journey.”
Multiple members of the TOI Tech team received the message, and some of them twice. Read the company’s message to its users:
Nation First, Business Later.
Being 2nd largest & proud home-grown travel company, EaseMyTrip is deeply committed to the dignity of its nation
We have taken a stand in response to the recent inappropriate and unprovoked remarks by multiple Maldivian ministers about India, its citizens and our Hon’ble PM
Starting Jan 8th, we have indefinitely suspended all travel bookings to the Maldives. For us, our nation takes precedence over profit.
We are immensely proud of India’s stunning beaches. Our country boasts a vast 7,500-kilometer coastline, featuring the wonders of Lakshadweep, Andamans, Goa, Kerala, etc.
Your support on social media is a reflection of our shared love for the nation. Let’s stay united in this journey.
Jai Hind!
EaseMyTrip codes for travel discounts
Recently, the CEO of EaseMyTrip Nishant Pitti shared a post on X (previously Twitter) that has codes that travellers can use to avail discounts.
“Now use discount codes NATIONFIRST or BHARATFIRST at EaseMyTrip to avail better discounts,” he said in a post. EaseMyTrip was among the first companies to suspend all flight and hotel bookings for Maldives.

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