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Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is the latest celebrity to fall prey to deep fake, and her fans, who are often referred to as “Swifties,” are duped out of hundreds of dollars. Ads on Facebook featuring Taylor Swift endorsing Le Creuset have surfaced in recent weeks, which are not real. So, Taylor Swift is not giving out free Le Creuset products in social media advertisements — however, deep fakes of her voice would like you to believe otherwise.
Fake posts on TikTok and Meta’s Ad Library claim that Taylor Swift is giving away Le Creuset cookware sets, as reported by The New York Times. The ads featured clips where Swift was near Le Creuset products and used a synthetic version of her voice. The scammers used AI to have the cloned voice address her fans, “Swifties,” and produce other little remarks.
Taylor Swift’s love for Le Creuset cookware is not known. Her collection of kitchenware has been featured on a Tumblr account that’s dedicated to the pop star’s home decor. Additionally, her gift choices at a fan’s bridal shower included Le Creuset products. Furthermore, in a Netflix documentary, Taylor Swift’s Le Creuset collection was showcased and this episode was highlighted by Le Creuset’s Facebook page. However, Taylor Swift has never publicly endorsed Le Creuset, and neither she is in these ads.
The advertisements, which are present on all social media platforms, depict Taylor Swift standing alongside the Le Creuset Dutch oven. “Hey y’all, it’s Taylor Swift here,” the deepfake replica of Swift says in the video. “Due to a packaging error, we can’t sell 3,000 Le Creuset cookware sets. So I’m giving them away to my loyal fans for free.”Users are asked to complete a survey by clicking a button below the ad immediately “as supplies are running out.”
Individuals clicking the link were directed to seemingly authentic websites containing numerous fabricated reviews and coverage. These websites then prompt potential purchasers to pay a nominal shipping fee of $9.96. Subsequently, buyers are charged multiple times without ever receiving the product.
The Le Creuset scam campaign was likely produced with a text-to-speech service. Such tools convert a script into an AI-generated voice, which can be added to existing footage using lip-syncing programs.
The fake celebrity scams that use advanced artificial intelligence technology have grown in recent years. The scams have become increasingly sophisticated and convincing, leaving victims with unexpected charges and no product to show for it.
Taylor Swift is not the only celebrity being targeted by social media scammers. These scams have become more believable due to the use of artificial intelligence. Just in one week in October, several other celebrities, including Tom Hanks, Gayle King, and MrBeast, reported that AI-generated versions of themselves were used without their permission in misleading promotions for dental plans, iPhone giveaways, and other ads.

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