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AI is all over the place, and everyone’s riding on the AI wave, whether it be Google, Microsoft, or Amazon. On the other hand, Apple has been pretty cautious with artificial intelligence, so much so that it is already two years behind the competition. Them aside, even Samsung, one of the rivals to Apple, on the phone front, has teased its next series of phones to come with AI features.Nevertheless, despite its apparent reluctance to jump on the AI bandwagon, Apple is reportedly working on bringing generative AI features into its devices, including the iPhone and Mac, but it would take some time.
In his newsletter, Power On, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that the new generative AI could come as a part of the upcoming iOS 18 update, which should be announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June.
Apple is said to be working on a large language model dubbed Ajax since early last year and is now testing it. The model is similar to OpenAI’s GPT and Google’s Lamda. It can summarise text and answer questions based on the data it has been fed.
Pages, Keynote, Apple Music to get new AI-powered features
The main focus of Apple is to integrate AI into its core apps, productivity software and services such as Pages, Keynote, Apple Music, and Siri. Apple plans to bring features like auto-summarising and auto-complete to its apps, and to automate playlist creation on Apple Music using AI.
The company is also developing a new version of Xcode and other AI-based development tools for developers, while building a new AI-based system to help AppleCare employees troubleshoot customer issues.
Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, is also in for some AI upgrades. Apple’s conversational AI unit, led by John Giannandrea, is working on a new feature that allows users to automate tasks using voice commands. Siri’s language model, Ajax, is being developed to summarise text and answer questions. The generative AI-powered Siri could also debut as a part of iOS 18.
While Apple will begin rolling out AI features this year, it will take until at least 2025 for Apple’s generative AI vision to be fully scaled. The company is also working on a multimodal AI model that can create text, images and videos.

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