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BHOPAL: Apart from intentional and intentional injuries the leading cause of death in age group 18 to 29 years was cardiovascular disease.
Youngsters and professionals in their 30s and 40s show high stress levels and are low on exercise, warn experts. 10% of the young age group died due to cardiac issues, it was the leading cause of death in 30 to 69-year age group, according to National Health Profile 2022.
Dip in temperatures is triggering cardiac problems even in stable patients, according to experts. City’s largest tertiary care facility at Gandhi Medical College (GMC) has witnessed a near doubling of patients reporting for weather related ailments.
According to GMC HoD cardiology Dr Rajiv Gupta, irregular heart rhythm accompanied by acute myocardial infection (decrease in flow of oxygen to heart) is being observed 5% to 8% patients.
“Any discomfort while lying down should be attended immediately,” he said. Discomfort in early morning hours, fluctuation of blood pressure, headache, giddiness or vertigo are triggers that need to be medical attention, he added.
Experts are also of the opinion that use of heaters in closed rooms should be avoided and circulation of air be properly maintained. “Hypoxia, or fall of oxygen lead to increase in carbon dioxide levels in rooms, leading to discomfort. Elderly patients care unable to identify the cause of discomfort and that can lead to serious health issues,” he added.
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