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NEW DELHI: Before his throat was slit by his girlfriend Shehzadi’s family, photographer Ankit Saxena (23) had whispered to his friend to take the 19-year-old woman to the nearest police station.
On February 1, 2018, Ankit’s throat was slit near his house at Raghubir Nagar in west Delhi by Shehzadi’s family. Ankit and Shehzadi were in a cross-faith relationship, which their families were opposed to.
At one point, Shehzadi told her family that she had stopped meeting Ankit. But on the fateful day, “the woman’s juvenile brother saw the message on her phone and realised that she had been lying when she had claimed to have stopped talking to Saxena a year ago. The family confronted the woman and she left the house in a huff,” a police officer said.
Before Ankit was attacked by her family, he had repeatedly refused to tell them where Shehzadi was. She was at Tagore Garden metro station, and not with Ankit.
Fearing that she too may be attacked, Ankit told his friend Nitin to take Shehzadi to a police station.

Shehzadi’s father Akbar Ali and her minor brother were watching a cricket match on TV that day when she locked the house from outside and fled. Her family raised the alarm and neighbours unlocked the door for them.
Akbar was joined by his brother-in-law, Salim, who has also been convicted in the case.
The family, suspecting that Shehzadi had gone to Ankit’s house would elope, took a butcher’s knife and set off to catch them.


The group that left Shehzadi’s home included her parents Akbar Ali and Shehnaj Begum, her uncle Mohammad Salim, and her brother.
They found Ankit near his house and an argument started which quickly turned into a fight that ended with his throat being slit. “His mother and father begged people to arrange for a vehicle to rush him to hospital, but no one helped. Scores of e-rickshaw and auto drivers stopped, took a look and left,” a relative said, while recalling what had happened.
Ankit lay bleeding on the busy road for over 15 minutes before police took him to hospital where he was declared dead.
The murder triggered tension in the area for several days.
Shehzadi’s family has been convicted six years later.

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