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VIJAYAWADA: The cost of fighter roosters has skyrocketed across coastal Andhra Pradesh ahead of Sankranti. A rooster of a good quality breed is now sold for Rs 2.5 lakh this season.
With the cost of fighter roosters going up by about 30%, some unscrupulous breeders are deceiving buyers in the name of foreign breeds said to have been smuggled from Thailand and The Philippines. There is, however, no official testing method in place to certify the authenticity of the breeds.
Selecting the right rooster is important for cockfight organisers. The bird’s weight, speed and fighting capacity play a key role in increasing the chances of victory in the prestigious fights during the harvest season.
Fine-quality roosters go scarce
Rooster breeders rope in special trainers right from October every year to train the birds for cockfights in mid-January. Viral and respiratory diseases late last year caused great damage to roosters. Many breeders reported a high mortality rate. As a result, there is a scarcity of fine-quality roosters in the local markets.
Peruvian cross roosters are in high demand considering their strength and attacking mode. Taking advantage of the situation, some breeders are selling Peruvian cross roosters as foreign imported roosters at an exorbitant price. “We approached a rooster breeder at Bhimavaram and they showed a Peruvian rooster and made us believe that it was imported from The Philippines. We suspected the local breeders and decided not to buy the birds from them,” said P Ram Babu (name changed), a cockfight lover.
Meanwhile, importing roosters from other countries is not an easy task and needs many clearances from Union government. Pradeep Inti, a management consultant turned rooster breeder from the city, said original Peruvian roosters cannot survive the local weather conditions. He cautioned prospective buyers to not trust the local breeders if they claimed that the birds were imported from Peru..
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