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More often than not, we find ChatGPT not working properly due to some ongoing issue. Till the time OpenAI acknowledges the issue and fix it to bring up the ChatGPT service back online and if you are someone who heavily relies on AI-chatbots like this, it can bring your work to a pause.
There have been times when ChatGPT became inaccessible due to some backend issues.Till the time OpenAI acknowledges and fixes them that bring the AI chatbot back online, it can greatly affect work, especially if you are someone who heavily relies on AI-chatbots.
In this article we will discuss four reliable alternatives to ChatGPT, their pros and cons and how to access them.

Microsoft Copilot

Launched as Bing AI, Microsoft recently rebranded it to Copilot. Not only is it powered by OpenAI’s latest and most powerful large language model — GPT-4 — it has also been tweaked by Microsoft to offer more functionality. Additionally, Copilot is a versatile offering, thanks to its multiple tones and integrations throughout the platforms, apps and services.
The Copilot comes integrated into Windows 11, Edge web browser, Skype, Swiftkey keyboard and more, which means that it can be used for specific needs and requirements. Further, the service can also be used as a standalone service.

Google Bard

Google also introduced its Bard AI chatbot tool as a part of its Search Generative Experience. Google Bard is also powered by Google’s latest Gemini Pro large language model which offers users comprehensive answers to their queries.
Bard also comes with the added benefit of Google search integration and other services like YouTube, Google Drive, Photos, Maps, Gmail, Docs, etc.
The issue with Bard is available only on web and requires Google Labs access to be able to use it.

Perplexity AI

Meet Perplexity, a fantastic alternative to ChatGPT tailored for businesses. Perfect for handling complex questions, Perplexity delivers precise information with ease. Its multilingual interface and seamless API integration make it a versatile powerhouse, ready to tackle customer service, research, and knowledge management effortlessly. It’s the ideal tool to streamline your business operations and enhance your overall efficiency.


Claude is a reliable AI tool that prioritises safety and accuracy. It is fast and responsive and excels in handling diverse conversations, coding tasks, solving riddles, and more. This friendly digital assistant is adept at managing complex prompts and can even provide concise summaries of files for your convenience.

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