Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s plane breaks down again … this time in Jamaica – Times of India

NEW DELHI: The Canadian Armed Forces was forced to send a second plane to Jamaica this week after the military aircraft that brought prime minister Justin Trudeau to the Caribbean island for a family vacation became “unserviceable”, according to a report by CBC News.
This is the second time in less than four months that a plane transporting Trudeau has been unable to fly because of mechanical problems.
In September, Trudeau’s departure from India after a G20 summit meeting was delayed for two days after pre-flight checks revealed a part on the CC-150 Polaris was faulty and needed to be replaced, according to a report by CBC News.Trudeau, who is required to travel on military planes for security reasons, flew to Montego Bay, Jamaica on December 26 for a vacation with his family.
He had been scheduled to return to Canada on January 4. Government spokesperson AndrĂ©e-Anne Poulin said a maintenance issue was discovered on January 2 during an inspection of the aircraft and the maintenance team was dispatched on January 3 and “returned the aircraft to serviceability”.
Trudeau’s plane returned to Canada on January 4. The plane that brought Trudeau to Jamaica and the one that brought the maintenance crew to Jamaica are two of the military’s newer Challenger aircraft, acquired in 2020.
Controversial trips
Trudeau’s vacations out of the country have been controversial at times. A trip to visit the Aga Khan on a private island in 2016 resulted in a finding by former ethics commissioner Mary Dawson that he had violated ethics rules that prohibit ministers from accepting gifts or other advantages.
While Trudeau argued that the trip didn’t contravene the rules because the Aga Khan was a family friend, Dawson concluded that Trudeau and the Aga Khan had little contact for decades before he became Liberal Party leader.
Regarding the Jamaica trip, Trudeau’s office initially said he would be paying for his family’s accommodations, it later stated that Trudeau and family were staying in Jamaica “at no cost at a location owned by family friends”.

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